The Best Dental Chews for Dogs: Keep Your Pup’s Teeth Healthy!

Dogs need to chew on something for at least 30 minutes every day. It's better if they chew on a toy or dental chew than your favorite shoes.

Chewing is an instinctual behavior that helps clean teeth. Wolves chewed on the bones from their hunts.

Bones can cause tooth breakage, so many veterinarians don't recommend them. Suppose you notice a lot of plaque and tartar in your dog's mouth. It is better to leave the cleaning to a professional, followed by a daily dental routine.

Why are Dental Chews for Dogs Important

Some people do not focus on their dog's dental health as much as they do on their skin and fur.

You can't replace your dog's teeth, so doggie dentures aren't an option.

Dogs with dental problems feel pain just like we do. If the situation worsens and they cannot eat, they may become malnourished and lose weight.

Dental chews for dogs can help you take care of your dog's oral hygiene. This is a good way to keep your dog's teeth clean without using a toothbrush.

Advantages of Dental Chews for Dogs

One of the biggest advantages of dog treats is that all dogs love them. If you regularly give them these chewy sticks, you won't have to brush their teeth as often.

A dog that has been adopted might get aggressive or stressed when you try to brush their teeth if they have never had someone do it before.

In these cases, it is better to give the dog chewing sticks. They will appreciate the treat, but their teeth and gums will stay healthy. Dogs usually learn to trust their new family, and brushing their teeth becomes a fun thing to do overtime.

Dental chews will help clean your dog's teeth, but they won't completely remove your need to do it. If you can't clean your dog's teeth, you should see your veterinarian.

These treatments are expensive, but they are very beneficial.

Risks of Using Dental Chews for Dogs

It is important to keep an eye on your dog when you give them dental chews. Sometimes, dogs get too excited about a treat, and they might try to swallow it whole.

Giving your dog treats can be dangerous if you don't give them the right kind. Make sure to give your dog treats that are safe, easy to chew, and digestible.

You don't want to give your dog anything sharp or too big. Always look at the labels and get the dental chews appropriate for your dog's size.

If you notice that a dental chew is too big for your dog, you can hand feed it to them. You will give them one end of the chew, and they will nibble on it while you hold the other end.

Some dental chews can cause your dog to get stomach problems. This might happen if the chew doesn't agree with your dog's system.

Try a different brand if your dog gets sick after eating a particular type of treatment.

Some stomach issues can occur from cheaper brands. This might include diarrhea, stool changes, and vomiting.

Bloody stools are bad if your dog gets sick after eating a treat. It is important to only feed your dog treats from a trusted brand.

Five of the Best Dental Chews for Dogs

1. OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews Small

The OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews Small comes with 30 treats. These chews help keep your breath smelling good and also help prevent plaque.

The chews also limit the number of unhealthy bacteria that stick to your dog's teeth. Every chew has delmopinol HIC, which coats your dog's teeth and tongue with a barrier.

This barrier repels bacteria that cause disease and bad breath. These chews can also break down plaque that already exists.

If you are not around to watch your dog, do not let them eat the OraVet dental hygiene chews. These chews are good for dogs that are over six months old.

The chews have parsley flakes, alfalfa, and Chlorophyll. This can mildly affect your dog's bowel movements.

When you start to use dental chews, always consult a veterinarian. Finally, the OraVet dental hygiene chews offer great value for money.


  • It is Meat-based, with Whole, natural ingredients.
  • It has no fillers, artificial flavors, or added preservatives.
  • All products are corn, soy, and wheat-free.
  • It has 9% Protein content, Chunk food, and Six flavors.
  • It is packed in a plastic container no cans.


  • Some owners complain of the strong smell of the food.

2. Virbac C.E.T. VeggieDent Tartar Control Chews

The Virbac C.E.T. VeggieDent Tartar Control Chews Small is a package of 30 chews that helps to control tartar and plaque build-up on your pet's teeth. The ingredients include corn cobs, glycerin, corn starch, and other health-beneficial ingredients that keep your pet's teeth healthy.

These treats help remove plaque and tartar from your dog's teeth while freshening its breath. The chews are in the shape of a Z, so they can easily reach all the parts of your dog's mouth.

The packaging for this product might look different than what you're used to. That's because the manufacturer changes it every so often.

These chews are inexpensive and provide good value. They are safe and easy to digest because they don't have any wheat gluten or animal protein. You should give your dog at least one Virbac VeggieDent a day to keep plaque from building up.


  • Solid value for money
  • No gluten or animal protein
  • Reduces plaque and tartar
  • Smart Z shape
  • Freshens the breath


  • Some dogs may get sick.

3. Kirkland Signature Dental Chews 72 Dog Treats

The Kirkland Signature Dental Chews have 72 treats in each package. They are a great value because they are affordable and gluten-free. The main appeal of these chews is that they are safe for your dog.

These natural chews have two sides. They help clean your dog's mouth by getting in between their teeth. They also don't have any artificial preservatives, flavoring, or coloring.

The Kirkland Signature chews are a good way to clean your dog's teeth. They remove tartar and plaque from most places in the mouth. The design is smart, with a paw grip that fits a dog's paw.

You should give your dog at least one chew per day from this five-pound package for the best results.


  • Chunk food with whole vegetables.
  • Whole, natural ingredients, Meat-based.
  • Microwaveable plastic containers.
  • 10-11% protein content, Variety of flavors.


  • It has meat by-products.

4. Purina DentaLife Made in USA Facilities Dog Dental Chews, Advanced Clean Mini - 30 ct. Pouch

Purina DentaLife dog dental chews have been scientifically tested to reduce tartar build-up. You get 30 treats in a single package. These small-sized treats are best suited for smaller dogs.

This manufacturer also offers options for medium and large dog breeds. The ingredients in this treat are all-natural and do not have any additives for flavoring or color. The DentaLife treats also have an innovative design. Each treat is a twisted triple-ridge chew that will keep your dog busy for a while.

These chews last longer than other kinds of chews. They also help reduce tartar build-up and improve your dog's breath. They are made to taste like chicken and are chewy with a porous texture.


  • Remarkable value for its price
  • Innovative design for prolonged chewing
  • Scientifically tested tartar reduction
  • 100% natural
  • Breath freshening


  • Too big for some dogs

5. Greenies Original Regular Natural Dental Dog Treats

Greenies dental treats are good for your pet's oral health. They are recommended by vets and accepted by the VOHC (veterinary oral health council). They have a toothbrush shape, with a tapered shaft and a contoured knuckle. Their texture is very chewy, which helps with your beloved canine's dental hygiene.

These snacks are full of protein and have very little fat. They also have vitamins and minerals to help with your dog's nutrition. These treats are available in five sizes, depending on your dog's size.

You should give your pet one Greenies treat every day to help keep their teeth clean and healthy. Additionally, this will help keep their breath fresh.


  • Vet Recommended and accepted by the VOHC
  • Options for all dog sizes
  • Effective design
  • Improves dental health and breath
  • The chewy texture reaches down to the gumline
  • Easy to digest


  • Price may fluctuate
  • It May is not suitable for dogs that are sensitive to wheat

The 5 Best Chews for Dogs' Teeth in 2023

Your four-legged friends need to care for their teeth just as much as you do. Suppose dogs don't care for their teeth. In that case, they can get oral pain, bad breath, and other severe conditions like periodontal disease, the most common dental problem in dogs and can cause them to lose teeth. You could also give your dog chews for his teeth to help remove plaque and tartar and brush their teeth.

These chews have many different shapes and sizes, so it's essential to find the right ones for your pet. "I always recommend asking your veterinarian for their input. Which products would be best for your pet," said Dr. Sarah Wooten, DVM, a veterinary expert for Pumpkin Pet Insurance. "They can usually tell their patients about a few products they love and think will help them." Also, look for the Veterinary Oral Health Council seal to ensure you're getting a good product.

1. Best Overall: Virbac C.E.T. VeggieDent Fr3sh Tartar Control Dog Chews

Key Ingredients: Corn starch, glycerin, and brewers dried yeast; 75 calories per medium treat; VOHC Seal: Yes; 30 treats per bag; Food Form: Treats; Life Stage: Adult; Breed Size: Medium;

What We Like

  • Ingredients made from plants
  • Several sizes are available
  • Prebiotics are good for digestion.

What We Don't Like

  • A little bit pricey

Virbac is a well-known company that makes medicines for animal health. Dr. Wooten says that the C.E.T. VeggieDent Fr3sh Tartar Control Dog Chews are one of the best options. These chews are extra small, medium, and large for different dog breeds. Because they are in the shape of a Z, your dog can use them to reach other parts of his mouth. Their unique Z shape lets the chew reach different parts of your dog's mouth.

The Virbac Dog Chews are made from plants, and there aren't too many. Gluten-free and animal-free. Tartar and plaque are removed, and dog breath is freshened. VOHC-approved. The treats are dog-friendly. And contain a prebiotic that helps with digestion.

2. Best Budget: Milk-Bone Brushing Chews Daily Dental Dog Treats

Key Ingredients: D-calcium pantothenate and vitamin supplements; VOHC Seal: Yes; Quantity: 9 per bag; Food Form: Chews; Calories: 63 per small or medium treat; VOHC Seal: Yes; Life Stage: Adult; Breed Size: All

What We Like

  • Cheap enough to buy in bulk
  • It contains the essential vitamins and minerals
  • There are different sizes.

What We Don't Like

  • Only VOHC has been approved for getting rid of tartar.

The Daily Brushing of the Milk-Bone Chews is a good buy because they come in oversized packages. The VOHC approves them to get rid of tartar but not plaque. The chews come in mini, small/medium, and large sizes.

Each dental chew has ridges and bumps that help remove plaque and tartar from your dog's teeth and freshen his breath. They have calcium, some vitamins, minerals, and no added flavors.

3. Best for Large Dogs: Purina DentaLife Adult Large Dog Treats

Key ingredients: glycerin, dicalcium phosphate, and calcium carbonate; 100 calories per treat; VOHC seal: yes; 18 or 30 chews per bag; adult life stage; large breed size;

What We Like

  • Dog-approved chicken flavor
  • Cleans teeth down to gumlines

What We Don't Like

  • Not as crunchy as it used to be, High in calories

The Daily Oral Care from Dentalife Large Dental Dog Treats are chews that have been approved by the VOHC and can help keep tartar from building up on the teeth of large breed dogs. Plus, they smell and taste like chicken and are crunchy so that dogs will love them.

These treats are round with eight distinct ridges that help clean your dog's teeth down to the gum line. They are also porous, which makes it easy to scrub tartar off. Dogs who don't like soft and rubber chews will like how crunchy these are. But remember that these treats are higher in calories than other options, so you may need to reduce your dog's food intake accordingly to prevent weight gain.

4. Best for Small Dogs: OraVet Dental Care Hygiene Chews, Extra Small

Key Ingredients: Delmopinol; Calories: 26.8 per treat; VOHC Seal: Yes; Quantity: 30 per bag; Food Form: Chews; Life Stage: Adult; Breed Size: Extra small, toy

What We Like

  • Help to prevent bacteria
  • Easy for dogs to digest
  • Size is appropriate for extra-small dogs

What We Don't Like

  • Fairly expensive

The OraVet Dental Care Hygiene Chews are an excellent option for extra-small dogs. They are designed for pets weighing between 3.5 and 9 pounds. (However, you shouldn't give them to dogs younger than six months.) VOHC approves the chews to keep tartar away. They're one of the market's only products containing delmopinol, an ingredient commonly used in human dental products.

The chewing action of the OraVet Chews scrapes away plaque while creating a barrier against bacteria on your dog's teeth. The formula is easily digestible by dogs. If you have a large dog, larger sizes of the goodies are available.

5. Best for Seniors: Greenies Senior Aging Care Natural Dental Dog Treats

Principal Ingredients: Lecithin, calcium carbonate, and vitamin supplements | Calories: 90 per treat | VOHC Seal: Yes | Quantity: 27 per bag | Food Form: Soft chews | Life Stage: Senior | Breed Size: Medium

What We Like

  • Soft, chewy texture
  • Includes essential vitamins and minerals
  • Available in several sizes

What We Don't Like

  • Don't last as long due to its soft texture
  • High in calories

Some dental chews are too harsh for senior dogs, but the Greenies Aging Care Dental Dog Treats are designed with older pets in mind. These dental chews are 50 percent softer than the brand's standard chews and contain soluble, all-natural chemicals that break down rapidly. They are intended for dogs older than seven years.

The VOHC has authorized these chews for both tartar management and plaque removal. They have a unique form with ridges on one end and are designed to control and remove tartar and plaque. They are prepared with vitamins and minerals to ensure your senior dog receives all the essential elements. They have a taste that dogs love.

What to Look for in Dog Dental Chews

VOHC Approval

Dr. Wooten suggests searching for the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) seal of approval on the packaging. "VOHC is an organization that analyzes the effectiveness of dental chews in decreasing plaque and tartar. Dental chews must eliminate plaque or tartar by at least 10%. If a chemical anti-plaque agent is employed, it must reduce plaque or tartar by a minimum of 20%." The VOHC maintains an up-to-date list of accepted items for pet owners to view.


When shopping for dental chews, selecting a product that's an appropriate size for your dog is essential. According to the maker, "ideally, the chew should be larger than the dog's mouth to eliminate choking risks." Dr. Wooten says, so make sure to get the appropriate-sized chew. "A dog should not ingest the chew once it has been broken down. Replace the chew when it becomes too small for the dog's mouth with a larger one."


When purchasing dental chews, it is crucial to consider the calorie content of each chew. "Numerous of these items have a high caloric density. And can lead to weight gain in our canine companions, "Dr. Jessica Herman, DVM, a veterinarian at Fuzzy, a pet-health subscription service, adds. If you select chews high in calories, you'll want to adjust your dog's food portion accordingly on the days you give them a chew.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Dental Chews for Dogs

Is Dental Chew Good for Dogs?

Besides brushing their teeth and going to the vet, you should also give your dog dental chews. Dental chews help remove plaque and tartar build-up from the dog's teeth. This can help keep their teeth healthy and free from damage.

How Often Should I Give My Dog a Dental Chew?

Ideally, you should give your dog something to chew on every day for 30 minutes or more. This helps to prevent plaque and tartar from building up.

Why Is Dentastix Bad for Dogs?

If you feed your dog raw food and give them a dentastix every once in a while, the risk is not very high. However, suppose you feed them raw food every day like Pedigree recommends. In that case, the risk increases for several health problems such as skin irritation, eye, and respiratory issues, and even cancer.

Can I Give My Puppy Dental Chews?

Wait until their adult teeth have come in before giving them dental treats. If you give them dental treats before then, they may damage their little chompers.

Can I Give My Dog Dental Chews Every Day?

Veterinarians recommend a dental care routine that includes brushing your teeth every day and getting an oral exam at least once a year. Feeding one GREENIES™ Dental Chew each day can help make this easier for you.

How Long Do Bully Sticks Last?

Bully sticks can endure for at least two years after production. We make sure that every stick we ship will have at least a 1.5 year remaining in its shelf life.

Are Bully Sticks Safe for Dogs?

Bully sticks are a safe treat for dogs, providing numerous health benefits. They are easily digestible, unlike other chews and treats. For instance, the beef hide in rawhide can be difficult for certain dogs to digest.

Do Dental Chews Work?

Additionally, it is advantageous to choose treats with a lengthy shelf life, as longer chewing sessions boost the efficiency of dental chews. "Dogs will receive the most benefit from their chews if they chew for five to ten minutes or longer," explains Dr. Wooten. "The substance must be in touch with the teeth and gums to remove plaque." It will be less effective if a dog consumes the chew in less than a few minutes.

How Often Should I Give Dental Chews to My Dog?

Most dental chews are intended to be given to dogs regularly, usually daily or many times per week. "It takes three days for plaque to solidify into tartar. Offer dental chews every day or bi-daily to minimize plaque and, consequently, tartar, "according to Dr. Wooten.

Are Dental Chews Suitable for Overweight Dogs?

Due to their often high caloric content, dental chews are not always the ideal solution for overweight dogs. Instead, you may wish to use a toothbrush and toothpaste designed for dogs to clean your pet's teeth. If you decide to offer dental chews to an overweight dog, you must alter their regular food consumption accordingly.

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