The Best Dog Foods for Yorkies

Because our pets cannot interact with us, we must understand their unique requirements differently. Finding the most OK food for any dog is challenging, but finding the perfect food for a Yorkshire Terrier can be even more difficult. They are prone to tooth problems due to their tiny jaws. It can lead to overcrowding, which causes food to be lodged between the teeth and cause havoc in their little jaws.

Finding food that will not upset your little one’s stomach is essential. Yorkies can be picky about what they eat, so it is important to find something they will like that is also good for them. Do not worry; we have seen the five best foods for Yorkies to satisfy your pup’s needs and taste buds.

5 Best Foods For Yorkies

1. Adult Perfect Weight Small & Mini Hill’s Science Diet

Hill’s Science dog food is perfect for small dogs who need to maintain a healthy weight. The extra small kibble is created in the USA with all-natural ingredients and is suited for a small jaw and mouth. It has a chicken meal flavor, which helps maintain lean muscle mass – which Yorkies often lack because of their fast metabolisms.

Yorkies can be picky eaters. This food is made specifically for Yorkies and will help them maintain a healthy weight. Hill’s Science Diet is veterinarian approved and recommended for dogs with weight issues. This food is not appropriate for pups, pregnant, or nursing dogs.


  • It aids in weight loss and maintenance, as well as the development of lean muscle.
  • The Kibble size is small.
  • It is made in the United States using only natural components.


  • Not for pups or pregnant or nursing dogs

2. Blue Buffalo Freedom Natural Grain-Free Adult Small Dog Food

This Blue Buffalo food is made with chicken, peas, carrots, and other high-quality ingredients. The kibble is small so that smaller jaws can eat it quickly. The formula is unique to ensure that small-breed dogs get the necessary nutrients.

This dog food brand and the formula is high-quality and designed for adult small dog breeds. It contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for their skin and coat, protein and carbohydrates to keep them going, and enough protein and carbohydrates to maintain their energy. Fruits and vegetables are also involved in the kibble to ensure a balanced diet that is tasty for the dogs. It is not recommended for puppies or larger dogs, as they could choke on the smaller kibble.

This food is gluten-free, which means it is more expensive than other foods. However, it is ideal for people with gastrointestinal issues. This food contains no grains, although it does include carbs. Gluten is not harmful to dogs; therefore, if your dog does not have a gluten intolerance, this food is unnecessary.


  • Range of protein and carbohydrates
  • Grain-free, perfect for dogs with digestive difficulties
  • Small kibble for canines with small jaws


  • It is not required for dogs that can handle gluten.

3. Hill’s Science Diet Small & Mini Breeds Sensitive Stomach & Skin Formula

Hill’s Science offers special dog food for small and miniature breeds with sensitive skin and stomachs. The tiny 3mm wide kibble contains necessary vitamins and omega-6 fatty acids to promote a healthy coat and skin.

These acids suit a dog with a smelly coat, even after washing. The nutrient ratio is explicitly designed for tiny dogs to receive the same essential vitamins and minerals as larger dogs.

The veterinary community has given their stamp of approval to natural dog food that is made in the United States using local ingredients. Additionally, it possesses antioxidant properties that are great for individuals with sensitive stomachs or gastrointestinal disorders. If this food is adequate for your dog, it could save you hundreds of dollars in veterinarian fees.


  • It is ideal for dogs with digestive and skin issues
  • Small kibble for small jaws
  • All-natural components are produced in the United States and approved by veterinarians.


  • The chicken flavor may not be a preferred flavor for some dogs.

4. Nulo Small Breed Dry Dog Food

The Nula dry dog food is a salmon and red lentil recipe that is grain-free. It means that the food is balanced with amino acids and low carbohydrates to help keep your dog’s weight healthy and to satisfy any sensitive stomach. Some dogs may prefer the seafood flavor over the meat flavor, although it may result in stinkier breath.

The kibble size is small and contains miscanthus grass for added fiber, which is advantageous for those with a sensitive stomach and maybe loose feces.

This dog food contains BC30 probiotics, an excellent supplement for promoting a healthy gut and enhancing metabolism to aid digestion.

Since Yorkies have a fast metabolism, it might seem like they are not hungry often.

The Nula dog food helps to regulate their metabolism and keep them from getting too hungry. It also has a balanced calcium rate, which is suitable for Yorkies, who often have teeth issues. The zip-lock bag closing can eliminate the fishy stench, which is advantageous for the owner.


  • Grain-free
  • Small kibble for small jaws
  • Concentration on metabolism and gastrointestinal sensitivity in the formulation.


  • Many dogs are not enjoying the flavor of seafood
  • The fish flavor may induce odorous breath, which can be eliminated with regular tooth cleaning.

5. Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Small Breed Dog Food

The Wellness Complete Health food is high quality and healthy recipe for small dogs. It has no artificial preservatives and uses non-GMO ingredients, which benefit dog health.

Each ingredient in this food is essential for your pet’s health. Omega-rich flaxseed helps keep your pet’s coat healthy, spinach bolsters their immunity, and high-quality chicken provides protein. Probiotics and omega-fatty acids also help keep your pet’s heart, skin, energy levels, and digestion healthy. The kibble is small, and the ground brown rice ingredient helps regulate upset or sensitive stomachs.

This dog chow is prepared in the United States with ingredients worldwide, so it is fresh. You can choose the size of the bag, depending on how much your dog eats.


  • Beneficial for the heart, skin, coat, and gastrointestinal tract.
  • Small kibble for small jaw
  • American-made with regional ingredients


  • Only available in a 4-pound amount. However, this helps preserve its freshness.

Best Food For Yorkies Purchasing Advice

What to Look for in Yorkie Dog Food

Yorkshire Terriers are very particular eaters. Because of their teeth, fast metabolism, and general pickiness. Investing in food that will benefit them without breaking their teeth or upsetting their stomachs is necessary.

It is challenging to know what food is best for your dog. Each dog is unique and has individual requirements. There isn’t one food that is perfect for every dog.

The foods we have recommended are popular and meet the requirements. When getting Yorkie dog food, it is worth checking with your vet to see if your dog needs a grain-free diet. If they exhibit sensitive stomach symptoms, this may be advantageous for them.

If someone has weight issues or a health problem that makes them gain weight, they should follow a diet plan. Purchasing items with natural ingredients and no artificial flavors or genetically modified organisms is advisable. Thus, you can be sure that your dog is receiving the highest-quality food.

Dogs need to eat different foods in every meal to adjust to the health problems that might happen. Omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and calcium are good for maintaining a healthy coat, skin, digestive tract, and teeth.

Problems with Yorkie’s Teeth

Because Yorkshire terriers have small jaws, their teeth are frequently overcrowded. This overcrowding can make it hard for them to eat, and if the food isn’t removed, it can cause plaque build-up.

If you don’t get rid of plaque, it can harden into tartar. Tartar can lead to gum disease. To prevent this, brush your dog’s teeth regularly and take them to the vet for a check-up. Sometimes, gum disease can be fatal for dogs.

That’s why it’s essential to give them small kibble that is easy for them to chew and helps build up the strength of their teeth.

Good-quality dental chews can help remove plaque and prevent it from building up. They can also help your dog’s jaw get stronger. If your dog has bad breath, you may want to consider changing its diet. If this does not work, you must take it to the vet to find out what’s wrong.

Halitosis can be caused by diabetes, digestive problems, breathing problems, or even being a picky eater. If you notice that your Yorkie isn’t hungry, it could be because they are hurting. In this case, you should take your Yorkie to the vet.

Tips for Changing Up a Yorkie Diet

If you switch your dog’s food for whatever reason, you must do so gradually. It is easy to give them their new food and think they will like it, but they need time to adjust.

Gradually mix their old food with the new food over seven days. This way, their stomach will get used to the fresh food, and they will not get an upset stomach.

Yorkie puppies should eat dog food designed specifically for toy breeds or puppies. This type of food has small enough kibble to eat and contains the nutrients they need for long life.

Toy breed puppies, such as Yorkies, are more prone to hypoglycemia, which is when the sugar levels are abnormally low. Because they are too small to be able to store food as bigger dogs can.

It is recommended to feed Yorkies 3 to 4 small meals a day. It will help them stay healthy and have enough glucose for their brains. For older Yorkies, it is best to continue feeding them the same food they are used to, but you will need to be careful that they don’t gain too much weight.

What Is The Best Dog Food For Yorkies?

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog that originated in Northern England. They were bred to assist in the control of rats in mills and mines. While their long hair was often the butt of jokes, the breed became more popular.

Early in the 1870s, Yorkshire Terriers were imported to America. They quickly became popular, and the English Kennel Club recognized them in 1886. In 1885, the American Kennel Club granted recognition to the first Yorkshire Terrier. For more people to be able to possess dogs, their size continued to drop. They became toy-size dogs in the early 1900s.

Why Does Your Yorkshire Terrier Need Good Food?

It is essential to have clean water for your dog. Yorkshire Terriers are prone to overeating and gaining too much weight, so you must be careful about how many calories your dog consumes. Yorkies are very active but can also lead sedentary lives if you allow them to.

Higher-quality (or even human-grade) food keeps the number of calories down if you are careful about how much you eat. You can offer treats as rewards or training, but make sure not to give too many, as this can lead to weight problems.

Common Yorkie Health Issues and How Diet Can Help

A healthy diet is necessary for the well-being of your Yorkie. Some common health issues that food can help manage are listed below.


Hypoglycemia is a common health problem when someone’s blood sugar level becomes dangerously low. A diet with enough energy can help prevent this from happening. Make sure your Yorkie eats food with a good balance of macronutrients so that his blood sugar levels stay normal and limit the risks of this condition. Yorkies are more likely to have this problem because they are small and cannot store enough sugar as glycogen. Symptoms of hypoglycemia include shaking, seizures, and weakness.

Floating Kneecap

It is a condition that affects dogs when their kneecap moves away from its natural position. Yorkies are more likely to have this condition because it is genetic. Dogs with this condition may have joint pain, which can be managed with a diet containing antioxidants and glucosamine.

Tracheal Collapse

Tracheal collapse is a problem that can happen in dogs when the rings of cartilage in their trachea start to collapse. Yorkies are the breed of dog most likely to have this problem. It’s unclear what causes tracheal collapse, but it can be caused by eating food that isn’t appropriate for toy breeds.

Sensitive stomach

Many Yorkies suffer from digestive problems caused by a sensitive stomach. It can often be due to food intolerances. If your dog has this problem, you can try feeding them a limited-ingredient diet. Probiotics can also help to regulate the digestive tract and manage sensitive stomachs.

5 Ingredients to Consider When Choosing the Best Food for Your Yorkie

  • Protein – You should feed your dog high-quality protein from a traditional source to ensure they have enough amino acids. Look for meat as the first ingredient, such as chicken, fish, lamb, or beef.
  • Fats – Omega 3 fats from meats and seed oils, as well as essential fatty acids, help to maintain healthy joints, skin, and coats. They’re also the major energy source and impart taste to meals.
  • LID formulation – Some Yorkies like their food to have good flavor and be easy to digest. You can help by providing them with a limited-ingredient diet that doesn’t have fillers or by-products. It will ensure your furry friend stays interested in his food and can also help if he has a sensitive stomach. Look for a product with a minimal ingredient list and only one protein source on the label.
  • Fiber – Prebiotic fiber is an important part of a healthy diet. It helps to keep the digestive system working well and prevents constipation and water buildup in the colon.
  •  Vitamins and Minerals – Vitamins and minerals are essential for growth, staying healthy, and getting the proper nutrients. Look for a supplement that has a balanced blend of essential nutrients like Vitamin A and the minerals calcium, copper, iron, and phosphorus.

Dry Food vs. Wet Food for Yorkies

Yorkies have sensitive teeth and gums, so it is essential to feed them dry kibble. The gritty texture massages the gums and removes tartar from the teeth. If Fifi doesn’t like the nibbles, try sprinkling them with low-sodium beef or chicken broth or briefly immersing them in water.

Best Dog Food For Yorkies

1. Breed Health Nutrition by Royal Canin Dry Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Dog Food

The Royal Canin Puppy Food for Yorkshire Terriers is made to meet your dog’s needs. It has a healthy mixture of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Your dog’s jaw size determines the kibble size and shape to make it easier to chew. The protein of high quality, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and prebiotics contribute to general wellness. The product is sourced from reliable suppliers in the United States.


  • Many owners say that their puppies enjoy the flavor.
  • The kibble size is ideal for small lips.
  • It has a lovely scent.


  • It gives some dogs smelly gas.

2. Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free Small Breed Recipe with Chicken & Turkey Dry Dog Food

Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free Small Breed Dog Food is grain-free and contains no artificial ingredients. This product is created in the United States from high-quality ingredients. The product has probiotics and omega fatty acids, which help support digestion, skin, and coat. The food also has a balance of vitamins and minerals formulated specifically for small breeds.


  • Owners claim that their dogs enjoy eating this meal.
  • Small dogs will appreciate the kibble.
  • The components are gentle on the stomach.


  • It gives some dogs bad breath
  • Product quality is inconsistent

3. Solid Gold Small & Toy Breed Dry Dog Food with Real Protein

This kibble is designed for small and toy-breed dogs. It contains real chicken as the main ingredient and a balance of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant-rich superfoods. This diet also contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which promote healthy skin and coat. It also has live active culture probiotics to help sensitive stomachs.


  • Owners claim that their dogs enjoy eating this meal.
  • Small dogs will appreciate the kibble.
  • The components are gentle on the stomach.


  • It gives some dogs bad breath
  • Product quality is inconsistent

4. Holistic Select Small & Mini Breed Adult Anchovy, Sardine & Chicken Meal Recipe

Holistic Select’s probiotics and prebiotic fiber help support your dog’s digestion. It is grain-free and uses quality ingredients to meet the nutritional needs of small and mini-breed dogs. The kibble uses anchovy, chicken, and sardine meal to provide your dog with protein and omega fatty acids. There are no grains or artificial ingredients in the kibble, and it is made in the USA.


  • The pellets are small and easy for small dogs to eat.
  • Dogs appear to enjoy the flavor.
  • Owners report gleaming coats.
  • It is simple to digest for dogs with delicate stomachs.


  • The price

5. NUTRO ULTRA Small & Toy Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

Nutro Ultra kibble is designed for tiny dogs. It has balanced nutrition to suit your canine companion’s energy and health needs. In addition to prebiotic fiber, the product also contains sources of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. This product does not include any grains or artificial additives of any kind. Some formulations can be used for miniature or toy breeds.


  • Toy dogs can chew and digest the kibble because it is small enough.
  • Owners claim that this meal keeps their dogs’ fur healthy and lustrous. Most dogs seem to enjoy the flavor.


  • Some owners have reported moldy food.

6. Merrick Lil’ Plates Grain-Free Real Chicken + Sweet Potato Small Breed Dry Puppy Food

The base of Merrick Lil’Plates pet food is deboned chicken. It contains no artificial substances and only natural foods, prebiotic fiber, and probiotics. In addition, the kibble does not include any grains. The product has an appropriate proportion of each vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids help support healthy skin and coat. This product is made in the USA.


  • The bits are small enough to fit in small lips.
  • The coat is healthy, according to the owners.
  • It aids in keeping your dog’s breath smelling fresh.


  • Some picky eaters dislike it.
  • Some owners reported issues with a faulty batch.

7. Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier

This Royal Canin food is for Yorkshire Terriers 10 months and older. The ingredients are easy to digest, and the prebiotic fiber helps with a sensitive stomach. The food includes omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, biotin, glucosamine, and a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals for your dog. The kibble is shaped and sized to fit your Yorkie’s muzzle.


  • Owners claim that their dogs enjoy eating this meal.
  • It’s the perfect size for puppies to chew on.
  • It has a lovely scent.
  • It promotes the health of dogs’ fur and teeth.


  • Some dogs get diarrhea on this food
  • The first ingredient is rice, not protein

8. Eukanuba Senior Dry Dog Food

Eukanuba’s small breed senior dog food is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of small dogs over seven. This product contains additional glucosamine and omega fatty acids to help your pet’s joint health as they ages. The first ingredient is chicken, which has a well-balanced mix of vitamins and minerals. The kibble contains prebiotic fiber to help digestion.


  • It aids in keeping your dog’s breath smelling fresh.
  • When puppies consume this meal, their coats are healthy.
  • Owners claim that their dogs have more energy when fed this diet
  • Dogs appear to enjoy the food.


  • Some components are harmful to allergic dogs.

9. Cesar Gourmet Wet Dog Food Variety Packs

Cesar Gourmet food is a grain-free diet made specifically for small breed dogs. This item is available in a pack of 24 individual servings in four different flavors. The first ingredient in this food is chicken, duck, or turkey. Each meal is packaged in a sealed tray to keep the food fresh.


  • The single-serve package is practical.
  • Many owners say that their dogs enjoy eating this meal.
  • The serving size is ideal for tiny breeds such as Yorkies.


  • It gives some dogs diarrhea.

10. NUTRO Limited Ingredient Diet Adult Natural Wet Dog Food

Dogs sensitive to certain foods will benefit from eating the Nutro wet Limited Ingredient Diet. It has a healthy balance of vitamins, minerals, other nutrients, and the five essential elements for life. The pate does not include any grains in it, as well as any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. This product is offered in a case that contains 12 cans of 12.5 ounces each.


  • It aids dogs in maintaining a healthy weight.
  • This meal is suitable for dogs with delicate stomachs, and owners say their dogs enjoy the flavor.


  • Some consumers dislike that this product is in pate form rather than chunky.
  • There have been a few reports of bone fragments in food.

When Should I Change My Yorkie’s Food?

When Yorkies reach a year old, they can transition from puppy food to adult food. Adult Yorkies usually do well if their food is changed every three months to avoid boredom. Remember to make small changes over time. These fussy eaters are sensitive to rapid changes.

There is no need to transition to senior food as your furbaby ages. Their energy needs will only show slight changes, and there’s also a modest decrease in appetite in the old years.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Dog Food Yorkies

Do Yorkies Prefer Wet or Dry Food?

It is a recipe for beef-flavored wet dog food. It is suitable for Yorkies that like natural ingredients in their food. Older Yorkies who have experienced dental deterioration may need to eat wet dog food to clean their teeth.

What Kind of Food Do do You Feed a Yorkie Puppy?

What should I feed my Yorkie puppy? Puppies should nurse until they are eight weeks old. You can then switch them to solid food. Solid food can be either wet, dry kibble, or a mixture. Remember that pups still have their baby teeth, so some kibbles may be too hard for them to chew.

Are Yorkies Prone to Food Allergies?

There are many types of dog allergies- those that cause an immune response and those that cause skin problems. Yorkies can be sensitive to many different foods, so if your Yorkie has any allergies, it’s essential to avoid them.

Can Dogs Eat Lamb Meal?

There are specific recipes for pet food that call for lamb meals. It is a kind of meat that contains a lower percentage of water. The protein content of lamb meat is frequently higher than that of raw lamb meat. L lamb may be preferable for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies to other protein sources, such as beef or chicken.

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