Blue Buffalo Dog Food Reviews: The Truth About This Popular Brand

Blue Buffalo is a new company trying to compete with the more prominent companies in the dog food industry.

The brand started small but has become a significant player in the pet food industry. It focuses on premium, reduced-grain pet food.

Blue Buffalo's past is not perfect. They have had a lot of recalls, and some people think the food might have made them sick in the past.

Since General Mills Inc. will be taking over, we hope for better quality control and an improved environmental policy.

The guys and gals at dog food heaven and myself are here to help you make the right nutritional decision for your pet.

The diet is suitable for anyone willing to pay extra money for it. However, I would not recommend feeding its high protein and high-fat products to your pet unless you have a working dog.

About Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo is a food company. It is owned by General Mills, Inc., an American multinational food manufacturer. It was started in 2003 by people inspired by a sick dog called Blue and his unhappy owners.

The Blue Buffalo was created with the idea that people could make their dog food. They would use the help of animal nutritionists and holistic veterinarians to make sure that the food was healthy for dogs. The company became popular very quickly because of this idea.

Blue Buffalo does not use corn, soy, wheat, poultry by-product meal, or artificial colorings and preservatives in their products.

They attract customers who want to give their dog a good quality diet. Hill's is a few dog food brands with a veterinary therapeutic diet product range.

Blue Buffalo's History

Blue Buffalo was started when the owner of a dog called Blue was not happy with the food available for his dog. He decided to get help from nutritionists and veterinarians to create a diet that met all of his needs.

Blue Buffalo Pet Products Inc. was started in 2003. The company got its name from Blue, the dog that inspired them, and the buffalo, which symbolizes a time and state of being where animals can live a more natural life.

Blue Buffalo created a new pet food category when making grain-free foods. It was a big success, but as the company got more prominent, it began to compete with other companies that made pet food. These companies didn't like it when Blue Buffalo said its food was better than theirs, so they became enemies.

Purina has accused Blue Buffalo of false advertising. They claim that Blue Buffalo's Life Source Bits are not as rich in nutrients as their regular kibble. The kibble contained animal by-product meal and grains that it claims explicitly not to stop.

Blue Buffalo was mentioned multiple times in a report to the FDA about cases of Dilated Cardiomyopathy between 1st January 2014 and 30th April 2019. General Mills eventually bought the company in 2018, and it is their only pet food brand to date.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Ingredients Quality

Blue Buffalo focuses on the quality of its ingredients. They are very proud that they use only the best ingredients in their products.

  • Using no animal by-product meals.
  • Using no artificial coloring and preservatives.
  • Using no corn, wheat, or soy.
  • Providing grain-free alternatives.
  • Use "real meat" as the first ingredient.

The company makes high-quality products, but they have had to recall some of its products because of quality control issues.

Blue Buffalo's Environmental Policy

Blue Buffalo Pet Products Inc. didn't focus on developing an environmental policy in its early days. It was more concerned with making food with high-quality ingredients.

They refuse to eat food that contains animal by-products. They also refuse to eat specific cereals and legumes. It does not hold up scientifically and causes food chain inefficiency, adversely impacting the environment.

It causes a lot of problems. People can't find sustainable ingredients, which means that the food chain isn't as efficient as it could be.

However, Blue Buffalo is now owned by General Mills. General Mills Inc. has a better environmental policy than the original company and seems to be genuinely trying to find ways to reduce the environmental cost of all its products.

General Mills has acknowledged that climate change threatens their business in the world. Climate change can make the agricultural food-producing system more fragile. It can happen because of droughts, flooding, loss of biodiversity, and erosion.

General Mills has committed to:

  • reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 28% by 2025.
  • moving to zero waste-to-landfill at 100% of its facilities by 2025.
  • sustainably sourcing 100% of their ten key ingredients.
  • support sustainable agricultural practices. (ex. Soil regenerative agriculture practices.)
  • reduce food waste.

General Mills is considering changing from plastic packaging to fiber packaging for some of its future projects. It is still unclear if this change of ownership will make Blue Buffalo more environmentally conscious.

Blue Buffalo and Controversy

Blue Buffalo used to try to convince people that its food was better than other brands. It does this even now.

 Made other dog food companies say that Blue Buffalo was lying about their products, which led to several lawsuits.

Blue Buffalo, a pet food company, had a lot of recalls in the short time that they were in business. But after being bought by General Mills, Inc., their recollections stopped.

Blue Buffalo Product Lines

Blue Buffalo has released a lot of different product lines. Most of these product lines focus on the idea that their ingredients are natural and use a lot of meat in their products.

BLUE Life Protection Formula

Life Protection Formula is a diet designed for dogs of all sizes and life stages. It includes meat as the main ingredient and is meant to help dogs stay healthy and at a healthy weight.

This diet has Life source bits in it. This line of products is the most important in the Blue Buffalo range.

BLUE Basics Limited Ingredient

These diets are designed to help dogs who have food sensitivities.

This line of products uses only one animal protein source, which reduces the chances of food allergic reactions. The ingredients are also easy to digest, making the diet easy on your dog's stomach.

Dogs that eat these diets are healthier because they have essential fatty acids that help to regulate the body's inflammatory processes. The diets also contain Life Source Bits, which give dogs vitamins that help keep them healthy.

BLUE Freedom

This line of products also caters to those sensitive dogs that would benefit from a product without grains or gluten.

The main protein in these products comes from one animal. There are a limited number of other protein sources that are much later in the ingredient list.

These diets also contain fatty acids to keep inflammatory reactions under control. Life Source Bits help protect dogs and keep them healthy.

BLUE True Solutions

These four diets are for dogs with specific dietary needs. They are not meant to be used as veterinary prescription diets or therapy.

However, they help dogs with mild individual needs and prevent them from becoming more serious conditions.

The diets help with joint maintenance and mobility, maintaining healthy skin and coat, weight management, and minor digestive issues.

BLUE Wilderness

Blue Buffalo Wilderness diets are grain-free, high protein, and fat-rich diets. These diets contain enough protein sources to meet the nutrient requirements of any meat-loving dog.

The main carbohydrates in these diets are starchy legumes, roots, and tubers. These diets also include Life Source bits. This line of products caters to dogs of different ages and sizes. It also has products for dogs with weight problems.

BLUE Carnivora

Another type of high protein, the grain-free product, is available. This line of products gets 90% of its protein content from 11 different animal protein sources. However, this line does not contain the Life Source Bits found in other products.

However, the Blue Buffalo Life Source Bits are not needed because the diet is supplemented with vitamins. There is a lot of organ meat in the diet.

These diets are very high in protein and fat and are suitable for dogs recovering from sickness or working dogs. Carnivora diets also don't contain carbohydrates like peas and potatoes.

The Carnivora line of dog food is designed to meet the needs of different dogs, including those who want to stay healthy and trim and those who need a diet fortified with Taurine.

BLUE Natural Veterinary Diet

Blue Buffalo is one of the few dog food brands that make prescription Veterinary therapeutic diets.

Some diets cater to people who want to manage their weight or have mobility issues. There are also diets for people with food allergies or sensitivities, kidney and urinary problems, and gastrointestinal diseases.

These diets do not contain corn, wheat, soy, grains, or animal-by-product meals.

BLUE Homestyle Recipe

This product line is only wet food. BLUE Homestyle products appeal to regular home-cooked dog meals made by professional animal nutritionists.

Except for the Blue Homestyle Recipe range, all the above diets come in wet and dry dog food options.

If you feed a mix of dry and wet food, we suggest using products in the same product line and of the same type. It is essential when feeding Veterinary therapeutic diets.

Almost all dry dog food products contain prebiotic bacterial extracts. Some also have sources of soluble fiber and fructooligosaccharides to maintain healthy gut flora.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Reviews: Formulas for Puppies, Adults, and Older Dogs

Let's look at Blue Buffalo's dog food for each age. There are many formulas, most of which are based on the stage of life and breed size. Two of their most popular food lines are those with the fewest ingredients and the most antioxidants.

Usually, people buy the most from their Wilderness line. All their food has Lifesource Bits, dark kibbles with a mix of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. The kibbles are made cold, so the ingredients stay as strong as possible. Some of the sources that go into these bits are fruit and vegetables.

Blue Buffalo Has a Few Different Kinds of Dog Food

Blue Buffalo makes multiple dog food lines. Life Protection, Wilderness, Rocky Mountain, and Limited ingredient. Each line contains other ingredient recipes.

Rocky Mountain Wilderness food will work if your dog is allergic to chicken. You can get what you need from the regular Wilderness line if you need grain-free food. Consider food content, nutrition content, and budget when looking at each food.

Life Protection Puppy Formula

The first ingredient in Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula for puppies is meat. You can buy this line of food with or without grains. The grain-based puppy food is excellent for puppies whose stomachs aren't too sensitive. It is also one of Blue Buffalo's best-known lines of dog food. It's one of our dogs' favorite foods and great food for Goldendoodle puppies.

Dog-sized portions. Small-breed dog food exists. Large-breed puppy foods' calorie count will vary on which food you buy based on your puppy's size. Each food contains DHA for brain support and omega fatty acids for skin and coat health.

Wilderness Grain-free Puppy Formula

Dry dog food like Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy Chicken Recipe is cheap. It has a good mix of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. The recipe works well for dogs allergic to grains and is suitable for small, medium, and large breeds. There are 423 calories in each cup. If your puppy is not very active, you may need to feed it less than the recommended amount. The deboned chicken and chicken meal both have a lot of protein, which helps build muscle. It also gives you nutrients like fat and B vitamins. Nutritional chicken meal. Tapioca starch contains carbohydrates and Omega fatty acids. This recipe avoids lab-made flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Wilderness Rocky Mountain Puppy

The Wilderness Puppy formula is one of the most popular puppy foods made by Blue Buffalo. But the Rocky Mountain recipe is slowly becoming a favorite because it doesn't use grains or chicken. Some dogs can't stand chicken. Because of this, they can't eat chicken. Some dogs are allergic to chicken and need to eat meat mainly made of red meat. The Rocky Mountain recipe is dog food made to do just that. This high-protein mix is chicken-free. They are made for all sizes of puppies, with just-right bites. Vitamins and amino acids promote a growing puppy's diet.

Basics Limited Ingredient Puppy Formula

Blue Buffalo Basics is a line of food with few ingredients. This food line is made for dogs that are sensitive to certain foods. The list of things that go into it is shorter. The kibble is made to be eaten by puppy-sized mouths. Animal protein is the first natural element in our solution, which provides DHA support. The restricted ingredient mix is free of chicken, making it a good choice for dogs allergic to poultry. The naturally fibrous vegetables in this food range will also provide you with some natural fiber. In other recipes, the vegetables include sweet potatoes and even pumpkin.

Adult Formulas

Blue Buffalo has a lot of different kinds of dog food in its Adult lines. Here, you'll find some formulas that are made just for adults. It includes their Life Protection Line, Wilderness, Rocky Mountain, Wilderness Denali, and Limited Ingredient. All words come to mind while thinking of the words wilderness, Rocky Mountain, and Wilderness Denali. Each of these food lines serves a distinct purpose and includes a variety of flavors. Even if your dog is a picky eater, these food brands contain a flavor/recipe combination that he will appreciate.

Life Protection Adult Formula

The Blue Buffalo Life Protection Adult Formula is suitable for pups of any shape or size, including toy and miniature breeds. It has the correct balance of carbohydrates, animal protein, vegetables, minerals, and vitamins. It is one of their most popular formulas and shows up on our dog food list for Corgis and our dog food list for Chihuahuas.

The primary and most crucial element, chicken, aids in the growth of lean muscle massā€”dogs like meaty flavors. Blue Buffalo's chicken meal increases protein and muscle. It has glucosamine and chondroitin. Bones, teeth, and joints benefit from minerals.

Wilderness Adult Formula

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Food contains duck, turkey, and quail. Dog-tested. Grain-free dog food includes peas and sweet potatoes. Energy and muscle are boosted. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids help your dog's skin and coat stay healthy. In our opinion, it is one of the best dog food formulas for a Labrador Retriever. Blue buffalo also adds LifeSource Bits, a mix of minerals, vitamins, and cell reinforcements. Nutritionists and veterinarians select these nutrients to enhance your pet's diet and guarantee a solid oxidative balance. You'll love how the high-protein dog food is free from preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors.

Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe

The Rocky Mountain recipe fits the same criteria as the classic Wilderness dish, except that it is poultry-free. It's a grain-free diet that's ideal for folks who are allergic to poultry. Like the others in the Wilderness line, this meal is designed for adult dogs. It's perfect for dogs who require a higher level of protein. However, it's also beneficial for dogs who have difficulty digesting protein. There are no artificial chemicals, flavors, or fillers in this product. As an alternative to raw food, the emphasis on higher protein content and actual meat are popular with dogs. Several immune system-boosting immune B vitamins are included in the Rocky Mountain recipe.

Wilderness Denali Dinner Recipe

Mountain wolves inspire the Wilderness Denali Dinner. It has a special blend of nutrients that will give your pet energy throughout the day. Its venison, salmon, and halibut combo promote mobility. The combination of minerals and vitamins boosts your dog's immunity.

Calcium and phosphorus help maintain bone health, while glucosamine improves joint function. Omega-fatty acids and the absence of wheat, corn, soy, or chicken by-products will give your lovely pet skin. Meat makes it a food choice for pets with grain allergies.

Basics Limited Ingredient Adult Formula

Limited Ingredient Blue Buffalo Basics Dog food is perfect for dogs who need a diet with fewer additives. Grain-free diets are great for delicate stomached puppies. Despite having few ingredients, the Basics line maintains its nutritional value. The deboned turkey may benefit dogs allergic to meat and dairy items. It's easier to work with a single protein supply. It will assist you in removing any protein that may be causing your dog's allergies. In addition, the formula is gentler on your puppy's stomach.

This dish is perfect for a gluten-intolerant dog who has trouble digesting soy, corn, or wheat. It's grain-free, which makes it gentler for delicate stomachs. Blue Buffalo adds the Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. It helps to promote a luxurious coat and healthy skin. Adding fish oil, flaxseed, and canola oil form a rich recipe that will benefit your dog.

Freedom Grain-free Adult Formula

Freedom Adult Grain-Free dry dog food is an excellent option for dogs that dislike eating grains. It's also ideal for dogs sensitive to certain foods, such as soy, corn, or wheat. The Freedom Grain Free dish's carbs are made primarily of potatoes. If you're attempting to assist your dog in losing weight, the carb levels are higher, so you might want to reconsider. Blue Buffalo also adds omega-3 and -6 fatty acids to the food to help your dog's skin and coat. Glucosamine is also incorporated for joint health. Antioxidants abound in cranberries and blueberries. Both chicory and dried lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation are gut-health-promoting probiotics. Heart health is aided by supplements such as taurine and kelp.

Senior Formulas

Blue Buffalo offers some senior dog food varieties. You can locate their previous formulae in each food brand, much like their puppy and adult lines. It includes procedures like Life Protection, Wilderness, and Limited Ingredient. Each of these recipes offers something unique to your senior dog. Before switching your puppy to a senior-specific dog food diet, think twice. Grain-free Senior Life Protection

The senior life prevention formula from Blue Buffalo is only available in one flavor: chicken and brown rice. They categorize their recipes into standard, small, and giant breeds. Their standard breed formula is by far the most popular, as well as the most cost-effective. It is grain-free dog food. Dogs with sensitive stomachs or gluten allergies should avoid the Life Protection formula. It's best to check at a Wilderness recipe or a limited ingredient formula for those settings. Both of those lines will have a minor price increase. If your dog can't eat wheat, it's one of your only options.

The Life Protection Formula for seniors contains no corn, wheat, or soy and includes a glucosamine boost. This formula strikes a balance between price, nutrition, and user satisfaction. In this Blue Buffalo dog food review, it comes out on top as our preferred senior dog food. Wilderness Senior Dog Food Formula

The Wilderness Senior formula from Blue Buffalo isn't divided by breed size. On the other hand, the kibble size is digestible by large, medium, and tiny breeds. Are you seeking a way to improve the quality of your food while staying grain-free? The Wilderness Senior formula is a beautiful place to start if that's the case. The first ingredient is deboned chicken, and this recipe has a higher protein content than the life formula line. It is essential for more muscular breeds, like the American Bully. It offers a fiber boost, which is excellent for elderly dogs with trouble staying regular. The calorie content is slightly higher than that of the Life Protection formula but lower than that of most adult products.

Wilderness Rocky Mountain Senior

The traditional Wilderness senior recipe is a lot like this one. The Rocky Mountain formula goes a step further for puppies that might be allergic to chicken. This food is a lot like the regular Wilderness line. The main difference is that different kinds of red meat are used to make it. Beef, Lamb, and Venison are the meats used in this recipe. Compared to the Life Protection line, it has a higher protein concentration. The glucosamine and chondroitin content of Wilderness, Rocky Mountain seniors, has been increased, which is essential for elderly dogs. Like the usual Wilderness Formula, this meal is suitable for small, medium, and large puppies.

Basics Limited Ingredient Senior Formula

Senior dogs can benefit from Blue Buffalo's Limited Ingredient Line. The only flavor available in this line is their Turkey & Potato Recipe. It is frequently used and well-received by many dog owners. This dish has no chicken, meat, dairy, eggs, or corn. That's on top of the fact that it's free of wheat, soy, and artificial ingredients. Their senior brand, which contains fewer ingredients, is ideal for dogs with stomach disorders. Pea fiber and pumpkin are excellent for keeping your dog regular. It's also good for keeping your dog's digestive functions in check. The protein content of this formula is lower. It is something to think about if you have an older dog with higher lean muscle mass.

Weight Loss Formulas

Do you have a porky pup? Blue Buffalo's Weight Loss category offers numerous lines. Life Protection, Wilderness, Rocky Mountain, Limited Ingredient, and Freedom. Each line is nutritionally different for your dog. Because weight loss is a secondary nutritional goal, there is less flavor variation. However, there are varieties in each food line that your dog will most certainly appreciate.

Life Protection Healthy Weight

In the Life Protection line of food from Blue Buffalo, the weight management formula is sold by breed size. There are formulas for small breeds, large breeds, and adults (for medium or average-sized dogs). Because many dogs are "average" size, their adult formula is the most popular of the three. This recipe calls for chicken and brown rice. If your dog is allergic to chicken, you might want to try one of the Wilderness recipes. There's also the Wilderness Rocky Mountain line. This food has a lower protein content than the Wilderness line. Keep this in mind if your dog is too fat but has some muscle mass. You'll want a calorie and carbohydrate-restricted diet that's nevertheless high in protein for pups in that area.

Their Life Protection Weight Management formula contains a good amount of fiber, which will help your dog stay regular. Proper food digestion is essential for weight loss. In this recipe, Blue Buffalo does a fantastic job at it.

Wilderness Weight Management Formula

For weight loss, Blue Buffalo divides their Wilderness food line into small, giant, and adult (middle) breed sizes. Grain-free, but not gluten-free, is the Wilderness weight control line. The Limited Ingredient or Freedom lines are better choices if your dog can't digest gluten and wants to lose weight. The Wilderness Weight Management formula does have more protein than the Life Protection formula. If your dog's muscles are lean, this food can help keep them that way. It is made to maintain muscle mass while lowering the number of calories in each serving. If your dog has done well with other Wilderness dishes, they should also do well here. In this Blue Buffalo dog food review, we recommend it for weight loss, even if they only need to lose a few pounds.

Wilderness Rocky Mountain Healthy Weight

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain contains no chicken. This food helps small, large, and medium-sized dogs lose weight. Wilderness dog food offers a high protein ratio. It's made to keep your dog's muscles from weakening as it loses weight.

This food contains essential vitamins and antioxidants that help keep your immune system in good shape. Food is also a grain-free recipe for pups wit have sensitive stomachs. This food is also corn, wheat, and soy-free. Additional calcium supports strong bones as well. It is essential as you change your pup's feeding habits to help them lose weight.

Basics Limited Ingredient Healthy Weight

The Limited Ingredient Basics line from Blue Buffalo is about having fewer ingredients. It is excellent for dogs whose stomachs aren't very strong. This recipe is made with turkey instead of chicken. Each cup of this recipe has only 329 calories. This formula is much lower than some of the others in this review. This food has a little less protein, which is why it has fewer calories. The fiber count is higher, though; this helps digestion and helps keep the weight off your pup. There are also no soy, corn, wheat, dairy, or egg ingredients in this food. The local component offered by Blue Buffalo can be fed to dogs of every breed, regardless of how big or small they are.

Freedom Grain-free Healthy Weight

Blue Buffalo's freedom healthy weight formula is the same as the nutrient profile of their few ingredients. They both have a lot of fiber and about the same amount of protein. The number of calories is also the same. The healthy weight formula from Freedom is different because it's made with real, boneless chicken instead of turkey. Blue Buffalo takes this recipe for dogs with allergies to the next level. This recipe has no grains, gluten, or other artificial preservatives. Depending on your budget and whether or not you need to avoid gluten, the Freedom Healthy Weight formula can be a great choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blue Buffalo Dog Food Reviews

Is Buffalo Blue Good for Dogs?

Blue Buffalo makes dog food for nearly every breed of dog. They have small- and large-dog varieties and recipes for dogs with specific medical issues. Blue Basics, for instance, has a limited ingredient list and is great for dogs with food allergies.

Why Is Blue Buffalo Not a Good Dog Food?

The FDA has cited 16 dog food brands as the probable cause of heart failure in dogs. One of those brands is Blue Buffalo, based in Wilton, Connecticut.

Do Vets Recommend Blue Buffalo?

Many vets do not recommend Blue Buffalo because the ingredients in their food can change without warning. Dogs with food allergies can get sick from eating this food.

Does Blue Buffalo cause digestive issues?

Many patients came in and said that blue buffalo was causing stomach sensitivity. So we switched her to Purina Pro Plan for sensitive skin and stomach. That's what they recommended.

Is Bison or Beef Better for Dogs?

Bison meat is becoming a popular alternative to beef because it is leaner and has a similar taste and texture. Bison meat is a bit richer and sweeter than beef, but many people think it is worth the extra flavor.

What Meat Is Buffalo?

The beef comes from cows, while bison meat comes from bison. Bison is also called buffalo or American buffalo. They are similar, but they also have some differences.

Is Bison Meat Healthy for Dogs?

Bison is a good protein source for dogs allergic to other types of meat, like beef and chicken. It is because there are not many dog foods that contain bison.

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