The Best Toys for French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs have a reputation for being friendly and fun. You may have seen videos of them playing with ordinary things like fallen leaves, and springy door stops as if they were the best toys ever. What kind of toys should you get for a dog like that? There are many different dog toys to choose from, but which ones are the best for French Bulldogs?

All kinds of toys are fun for French Bulldogs. They love to chew, fetch, and play tug of war. They can make about anything into a game by themselves or with you. A regular ball can satisfy your Frenchie’s need to play, but who doesn’t love to shop for some new cute dog toys?

In this article, we’ll go over some of the best French Bulldog toys. We will also explain how to select the ideal toy for your dog. Continue reading to learn more!

The 10 Best Toys for French Bulldogs

1. KONG Classic Dog Toy

The KONG is an excellent toy for dogs that love to chew. This toy has been popular for many years. The small size KONG is perfect for French Bulldogs.


  • Interactive
  • Durable
  • Made in the USA


  • Some consumers dislike the rubber smell.

2. Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Ball Tough Dog Toy

You get two balls per package. You can throw them or use them with a ball launcher you buy separately. The balls are bouncy and brightly colored, so you can easily find them.


  • Designed for fetch
  • Durable
  • Bouncy


  • The launcher is sold separately.

3. Interactive Dog Toy Hyper Pet GoDogGo Fetch Machine G5 Rechargeable Ball Launcher

If your Frenchie loves to play fetch, this automated ball launcher is the perfect toy for them. It is easy to use- plug it in or use rechargeable batteries. It launches balls upwards, so they are safe, and has adjustable settings for how far and often it launches balls. You can also use a remote to run it. With a big bucket on top, it’s easy for your dog to bring back the balls they find.


  • Automated
  • Adjustable


  • Some consumers complain it loses charge quickly.

4. Nylabone Teething Pacifier Puppy Chew Toy

This Nylabone “pacifier” is a good choice for teething French Bulldog puppies. On one ring, there are two different teethers. They have bumps on them that help clean and massage teeth. Plus, it tastes like bacon!


  • Bacon flavor
  • Textured surface


  • Some consumers complain it’s not durable.

5. KONG Tuggerknots Moose Dog Toy

Do you have a Frenchie who loves pull toys? This KONG tug and shake toy have a squeaky plush moose body and two ropes for your dog to pull on. The ropes are knotted inside the body, creating a satisfying mouth feel for your dog.


  • Interactive
  • Squeaky


  • Some consumers complain it’s not durable.

6. The Outward Hound Hide a Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Plush Dog Toy is a good option.

French Bulldogs who are energetic enjoy playing with it because it is a fun toy. There are various options available, both in terms of shape and size. The junior version of this toy comes with three stuffed squirrels that make squeaking noises to keep your dog interested.


  • Squeaky
  • Interactive dog puzzle toy
  • It is available in several sizes


  • It might not be sufficiently durable for aggressive chewers.

7. Hartz Dura Play Bone Latex Dog Toy with Squeaking

This bone-shaped latex chew toy is perfect for your dog to gnaw on. It is long-lasting and contains the aroma of bacon. You have the option of purchasing it in packages of one or three. The toy is pliable, springy, and cuddly all at the same time.


  • Several varieties and flavors.


  • Water is listed as the first ingredient.

8. Nina Ottosson Brick Puzzle Game Dog Toy by Outward Hound

Looking for a puzzle toy for your curious dog? This Nina Ottosson-designed toy allows you to conceal food beneath disks that your dog must push aside with his paw or nose. You can increase the difficulty by adding bricks.


  • Mental stimulation
  • Dispenses treats
  • Multiple levels of difficulty


  • Some consumers say it isn’t very challenging.

9. JW Pet Hol-ee Roller Dog Toy

This JW Pet toy you can use in multiple ways. Your dog can chew on it, play with it, exercise it by bouncing it around, and work for treats you throw inside the ball. It is available in five sizes and an assortment of colors.


  • Multiple uses
  • Interactive


  • Some consumers complain it’s not durable.

10. Frisco Plush Squeaking Cow Dog Toy

This cow toy is suitable for French Bulldogs like squeaky and soft plush toys. The fabric is ideal if your dog enjoys sleeping with fluffy toys.


  • Soft, squeaky fabric


  • Some buyers claim that the squeak is insufficiently loud.

Buyer’s Guide – How to Pick The Best Toy for French Bulldogs

There are dog toys, but what do French Bulldogs like best? A better question might be, what toys don’t they like? French Bulldogs are lively and playful, so they enjoy most toys. But some toys are more popular with them than others.

Chew Toys

Both puppies and adults love to chew on toys. Puppies need a good quality chew toy made just for teething. It will help them soothe their painful gums and satisfy their need to chew.

Adult French Bulldogs also love to chew toys. Finding a durable chew toy can be challenging, but with a little trial and error, you can find a durable one that your dog likes. No chew toys last forever, so expect to replace them regularly. French Bulldogs also enjoy pulling toys they can bring to you for some interactive tug of war games. These pull toys should be durable too.

Plush Toys

Many French Bulldogs enjoy playing with squeaky plush toys. But remember that they also like to cuddle with them. There are many cute options to make you and your Frenchie happy. Just don’t expect them to last forever.

Puzzles and Fetch Toys

Some good toy categories for French Bulldogs are fetching and puzzle toys. Fetch toys can be as simple as a ball or frisbee. Your Frenchie will appreciate interacting with you during games of fetch. Puzzle toys can keep your Frenchie entertained and mentally stimulated.

Puzzle toys that dispense treats can also be fun for French Bulldogs. These toys are interactive and mentally stimulating. They can help keep your dog occupied when you are too busy to play with them.


Many toys come in small, medium, and large sizes. For this experiment, we focused on smaller toys. But you can try different sizes to see what works best.


The biggest challenge when it comes to dog toys is durability. Some owners complain that new toys get destroyed in a day. If your dog is hard on toys, look for ones that say they are stronger than average. It will help them last longer.

The Best Dog Toys for French Bulldogs

It can also be used to play tug-of-war: your dog and you, or your French Bulldog and his best furry friend.

French Bulldogs never really grow up. They enjoy playing. As a result, some of the best French bulldog toys are interactive. However, it is also true that French Bulldogs can develop health issues if they play too much.

That’s why it’s essential to choose suitable toys for your Frenchie. Toys that provide mental stimulation and are also safe for chewing can help keep your Frenchie healthy and happy.

Why is Playtime Important for Dogs?

Since French Bulldogs can’t exercise a lot outdoors because of health problems, indoor activities such as long walks are not always an option. Having a variety of the best French Bulldog toys can be beneficial for quality indoor playtime, allowing your Frenchie to get an appropriate amount of activity.

Here are some reasons why playtime is essential for your pup.

  • It keeps them healthy. We know that lying around isn’t suitable for humans or pets. Playtime gets your Frenchie moving, and it gets you moving, too.

  • It helps with behavioral issues. Dogs often show energy by chewing things, being aggressive, and jumping up. French Bulldogs are typically well-behaved, but if a dog doesn’t let its power out, it may express this by showing undesired habits.

  • It helps with separation anxiety. Some French Bulldogs show separation anxiety, which can be just as unpleasant for their owner as it is for them. Playing with your pup at home helps them feel calmer and more relaxed when you leave.

  • It can help build a strong bond. The more relaxed and comfortable your French Bulldog is around you, the more it will trust you. It will help develop a good relationship with your dog. A dog that trusts you will show you love and respect.

What Characteristics Characterize a Good French Bulldog Toy?

French Bulldogs have sharp teeth and powerful jaws. They quickly ripped apart most toys, so you’ll need something challenging.

Since they have brachycephalic anatomy, you want to avoid toys with stuffing. That can be a choking hazard.

Small toys are suitable for a French Bulldog’s mouth. You also want something that the dog will enjoy playing with. Make sure to get interactive toys that will make the dog think. They also like playing with their human friend, so they get tug toys, fetch toys, and squeaky toys to have fun together.

Best Dog Toys for French Bulldogs

Busy Buddy Jack Treat Dispenser

This toy is suitable for your dog. The Busy Buddy Jack Dog Toy is intended to be used with goodies. Your dog can eat the treat but not remove it, which means he will chew for much longer than he would with a dispensed toy. The charms are constructed entirely of rawhide snacks. It is tactile and delightful for your Frenchie to chew on, with many legs and knobbly portions.

This toy is suitable for his teeth and gums. The toy is also entertaining because he can twist and turn it to get the treats out. It is a good idea to buy this toy because reviews show that it is durable and fun for any size dog. This toy can also help prevent boredom and separation anxiety.

Frisco Dog Rope With Five Knots

The Frisco rope is our favorite toy to play with. It has five large knots and is brightly colored. It is also long so that it can be used indoors or outdoors. The rope is made from a strong cotton and poly blend, which is good for your puppy’s teeth and gums.

Tug toys are a great way to help your dog burn energy. If your dog is restless, this is an excellent way to help them calm down. You will need to be sitting down when you do this. The dog will tug at one end of the toy and work out its muscles as they pull. It is also a good exercise for their heart. Tug toys are simple, but they can keep you both busy for a long time! They are also great for interactive play, which helps create a bond between you and your dog.

KONG Jumble Disc Dog Toy

The Kong toy is trendy and durable. It is designed to be played with by dogs. The jumble disc is enjoyable because it combines a frisbee with a squeaker and tennis ball. As it bounces and rolls, the tennis ball inside makes a sound that your pup will love. The ball is also opaque, so your dog can see it as it moves around inside the toy.

This design includes a handle that makes it easier for your dog to pick it up when playing fetch. It can also be used to play tug-of-war. It is an excellent multi-play option for owners who want to exercise their dogs and play face-to-face.

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball Toy

The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball is a toy your small pup will love. It is an interactive ball that makes funny sounds when it moves. It will make your dog curious. You can play with your dog, or he can play by himself. The three tubes inside make human laughter and encouragement sounds.

It is a brightly colored, rubberized toy that your Frenchie will love. It is durable and can be played with without causing any damage to furniture or floors. The toy is made from flexible vinyl that is safe for your pet and easy to clean. It will keep your Frenchie entertained for hours while keeping them healthy and fit.

Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Frisbee

The Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper is a frisbee unlike any other. It is constructed of soft rubber and nylon, which makes it fly fast and far. It is also smooth, so it won’t hurt your dog’s teeth when he catches it. The Flippy Flopper is nine inches in diameter and bends, so it is suitable for any size dog who loves to play. The raised, rounded edges make it easy for your dog to pick up.

It is an excellent frisbee for exercising your Frenchie and keeping him fit. He will burn off excess energy and be stimulated too. It is a good value product because it comes in multiple colors and packs of toys.

Petstages Dogwood Chew Toy

Dogs love to play with sticks, but sometimes they can leave a mess for you to clean up. The Petstages Dogwood Chew Toy is a fake stick that is safe for your dog to chew on. There are no splinters, and it won’t cause damage to their teeth or gums.

This toy is made from a synthetic material that is stronger and more durable than regular twigs or branches. It also has a natural wood scent that will make your dog want to play with it for hours. Chewing is essential to a dog’s behavior, and this toy allows them to do so constructively. It also comes in various sizes, making it perfect for French Bulldogs of multiple dimensions.

KONG Classic Flyer Frisbee

Are you looking for a durable rubber frisbee? The KONG classic flyer is an attractive choice for dogs who enjoy fetching. While French Bulldogs aren’t as widely renowned for fetching as Labradors, they can occasionally enjoy a game of fetch. The curved rubber edge of the KONG classic flyer makes it ideal for flat-faced dog breeds.

The traditional dog toy is the same rubber as the classic flyer. It is durable and can last through a few chew sessions. But it isn’t as thick as the KONG classic, so supervise playtime. It also comes in different sizes, so French Bulldogs of all different sizes can wear it.

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Frequently asked questions about Dog Foods For Australian Shepherds.

What Do French Bulldogs Love the Most?

French Bulldogs love to play games. They love tug of war, fetch, and anything that combines food and play. They are an active breed, so give them plenty of mental and physical exercise.

Where Do Frenchies Like to Be Scratched?

Many French Bulldogs enjoy having their bellies rubbed and scratched. When they go submissive and roll on their back in front of you, they trust you to rub their belly. This behavior comes from social grooming in mammals and pack animal behavior.

Should I Play Tug of War With My French Bulldog?

Dogs love to play tug of war because it lets them show their predatory instincts. Playing tug of war is a great way to give your dog physical and mental exercise. It also strengthens the human-canine bond.

What Makes French Bulldogs Happy?

To keep your French Bulldog happy, you should give it regular exercise, like walks and playtime. You should also give it a complete and nutritional diet and take it for regular health check-ups. French Bulldogs are notorious for having health issues, so staying on top is important.

Do French Bulldogs Get Bored?

Bored French Bulldogs can quickly become destructive, so provide adequate mental and physical stimulation. The breed is known to be kind and gentle but can also display guarding behaviors toward strangers. That’s why it is so important to socialize a young Frenchie puppy.

What Do French Bulldogs Play With?

French Bulldogs love to play and will be content with a toy, playing with a human, fetching sticks or balls, or playing with other dogs. French Bulldogs love any form of play that gives them attention and stimulation.

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